Hurricane Season Preparedness

Hurricane Season Preparedness

Hurricane season is here - are you prepared for the storms that we may face this season? Whether or not this is your first hurricane season in Florida, the Ealey Boyd Group has you covered with everything you may need to know to be prepared for the hurricane season.


Flood Zones vs Evacuation Zones

Did you know that the flood zones in the Greater Tampa Bay Area have changed in recent years? This was due to the fact that flood zones were previously based on obsolete data and technology. With updated analysis of the coastal flood risk, maps now reflecting new developments and changes in shoreline, many residents and business owners have found that their flood risk has increased. This has financially affected many homeowners as it made changes to loan requirements and flood insurance costs in areas where the updates occurred. 

While flood zones are important to know, especially when purchasing your home, they are not the same and do not correlate with evacuation zones. To have you prepared for possible evacuation, here are links to evacuation zones in various counties around the Greater Tampa Bay Area:

If you live in Hillsborough County - click here to find out what evacuation zone you live in.

If you live in Pinellas County - click here to find out what evacuation zone you live in.

If you live in Hernando County - click here to find out what evacuation zone you live in.

If you live in Manatee County - click here to find out what evacuation zone you live in.


Create a Plan

  1. Pick two meeting places. In case your home is damaged, the first place you want to meet is somewhere outside of your home. The second place you would want to pick is a safe zone outside of your neighborhood, like a government shelter or another family's home. BE CAREFUL, try to avoid going through flooded areas or blocked roads.
  2. Make sure all contact information is up to date. Make sure that contact information for your family and friends is not only saved on to your devices, but also written down within your hurricane supplies kits. Make sure that everyone has your contact information up to date as well so that they can help with any rescue efforts if needed.
  3. Know your plan for evacuation. Know the different possible routes out of your area in case evacuation becomes necessary. Also, don't be shy to ask your friends and family if you are able to stay with them in the event of an emergency. 


Other Items & Resources

Talk with your insurance company about your coverage.

For hour by hour preparedness, visit Ready.Gov

Track the hurricane: NOAA & Weather.Gov

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